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Saint Eulogius

by Vicente Carducho

The work features the Cordoban martyr Saint Eulogius, who is shown being surprised as he is writing by an angel bearing the symbols of martyrdom, such as the palm and the crown.

The painter captures a gloomy interior where we find few references to the room itself. The only things that stand out are the red tones on the cloth covering the table and the drapery that frames the scene and, without doubt, give it a theatrical effect. Moreover, in the lower left corner we can see a crosier, cape and mitre, items referring to his elected position of Archbishop in the seat of Toledo. In the background of the work, at a point that is almost unnoticed by the spectator, is the scene showing his martyrdom.

Vicente Carducho

Painter of Florentine origin who came to Spain to work at the monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial. He produced his work in the court, where he was appointed court painter by King Felipe III. His work can be seen in convents and parishes in Madrid, Valencia, Granada and Salamanca

Technical sheet
  • Title: Saint Eulogius
  • Author: Vicente Carducho
  • Date: Over 1620-1630
  • Material and technique: Oil on canvas
  • Dimensions: 345 x 233 cm
  • Location: Chapel of San Eulogio (north wall)
Key features of the work
  • Saint Eulogius was a Cordoban martyr who occupied the episcopal seat of Toledo. Beheaded in the year 859, his mortal remains were delivered to Alfonso III the Great and transferred to Oviedo Cathedral, the place where they are venerated. He was author of works such as the Memoriale sanctorum and Documentum martyriale, which contain the portraits of the Roman and Mozarab martyrs who died in Cordoba

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