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Altarpiece of Ieshu Verde and Saint Nicholas of Bari

by Pedro de Campaña

Its design corresponds to the authorship of the architect Hernán Ruiz II. Here we have a Plateresque altarpiece comprising a base, two bodies and a top. The central part, which is much wider than the side ones, houses the alcove with the sculpture of Saint Nicholas of Bari. The other spaces are filled by the panel paintings of Pedro de Campaña, which comprise the iconographic discourse of the altarpiece. Whilst the Passionist scenes of the Maundy, Holy Supper and Prayer in Gethsemane can be found in the pew, on the side of the first body we notice the presence of the Annunciation and Adoration of the Kings. In the second we see, from left to right, the Battle of the Angles, the Virgin with the Infant and the Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew. With regard to the top, this is presided over by the traditional Calvary, flanked by two pictorial tondi in which we can see Saint Peter and Saint Paul.

All the pictorial compositions reflect the characteristic style of Pedro de Campaña, which blends an Italian influence with his interest in the representation of details, of Flemish inspiration.

Various authors

Hernán Ruiz II

He combined both practical architectural skills and a theoretical knowledge of the treaties. He is also author of the Architecture Manuscript, a work in which he collected the research undertaken throughout his experience as an architect. His contributions go beyond the geographical boundaries of Cordoba as other highlights are his work on the Giralda and the Chapter House of Seville Cathedral

Pedro de Campaña

Renaissance painter of Flemish origin. In 1537, after coming into contact with the first Roman Mannerism, he established himself in Seville, the city in which he got married and carried out important works. He is responsible for the Descent from the Cross and Purification of the Virgin, at Seville Cathedral

Technical sheet
  • Title: Altarpiece of Ieshu Verde and Saint Nicholas of Bari
  • Author: Hernán Ruiz II (designs), Francisco de Castillejo (gilding and estofado work) and Pedro de Campaña (painting)
  • Date: 1556
  • Material and technique: Carved wood, gilded and estofado work (altarpiece). Oil on panel (paintings) 
  • Dimensions: Maundy and Holy Supper (54 x117 cm), Prayer in the Garden (54 x 85 cm), Annunciation and Adoration of the Kings (152 x100 cm), Battle of the Angels and the Martyrdom of Saint Bartholomew (137 x 100 cm), and Virgin with Child (163 x 137 cm)
  • Location: Chapel of Ihesu Verde y San Nicolás de Bari (east wall) 
Key features of the work
  • The gilding, painting and estofado work on the altarpiece was carried out by Francisco Castillejo, following the guidelines established by Hernán Ruiz II, author of the designs. The sculptor Francisco Martínez was responsible for creating the image of Saint Nicholas of Bari

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