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Mural painting of the Baptism of Jesus

on the Altar of Saint John the Baptist

The altar of Saint John the Baptist is linked to the chaplaincy founded by Canon Juan Muñoz. The mural composition was found by chance in 1989 after removing the panel of the Incarnation of Pedro de Córdoba.

Of anonymous authorship, the work reveals a clear Italian-Gothic influence that dates it to around the year 1390. From an iconographic perspective we see the scene of the Baptism of Christ, who is flanked by two angels. The geometric motifs that adorn Saint John's robes stand out.

Technical sheet
  • Title: Mural painting of the Baptism of Jesus                    
  • Author: Anonymous                                                                                                                            
  • Date: Around 1390
  • Material and tecnique: Mural painting in the church on lime mortar and sand
  • Dimensions: 2.20 x 1.88 cm   
  • Location: Altar of Saint John the Baptist                                                           
Key features of the work
  • This is one of the oldest paintings in the Monumental Site

  • It was restored in the year 1991

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