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The Holy Supper

by Pablo de Céspedes

This Holy Supper is framed in an altarpiece carved by Juan de Ortuño. Along with the central painting, the prebendary Pablo de Céspedes was responsible for executing the three small oil paintings that adorn the base and which are situated on the top. Represented on the base are scenes of Elijah being comforted by an angel, the Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek, and Samson with the lion. Moreover, the top houses an Allegory of Faith.

In any case, people's attention drawn to on the main composition in which the theme of the Last Supper is represented, that is, the moment of the institution of the Eucharist. The work shows a clear Italian influence. Not surprisingly, this painting was produced by Céspedes after his stay in Rome.

Pablo de Céspedes

Humanist and Renaissance painter. He moved to Rome where he participated in the pictorial decoration of the Bonfili Chapel, in the church of Trinità dei Monti. In 1577 he returned to Cordoba to hold the position of prebendary of the Cathedral, where he also created the paintings on the altarpiece in the chapel of Santa Ana

Technical sheet
  • Title: Holy Supper
  • Author: Pablo de Céspedes
  • Date: 1593-1595
  • Material and technique: Oil on canvas
  • Location: Altarpiece of the Holy Supper, former chapel of San Clemente (western wall)
Key features of the work
  • The painter gives the work dynamism through the variety of attitudes displayed by the apostles. Great portrait quality can be seen in these representations

  • The mastery of Pablo de Céspedes is also shown in the attention to detail represented in the wash basin and fountain that are present in the scene

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