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The Mosque-Cathedral Monumental Site of Cordoba is a holy place. During your visit please show due respect, follow the instructions of the staff about how to take care of the site and comply with the following rules and recommendations. Please remember that the main purpose of the site is to be a Catholic church and that it is also the main church in Cordoba. Therefore, its use is restricted to Catholic worship, as well as to tourist and cultural visits. We are grateful for your cooperation.

1. Accessibility

  • Entry through Puerta de Deanes. See attached map.
  • Reduced price entry for the disabled, subject to accreditation.
  • Free entry for disabled groups, subject to this being requested through the booking form.
  • Disabled toilets.
  • Wheelchairs.
  • Access for guide dogs.
  • Material for the blind. Available at the ticket office at the Monumental Site. 

2. Rules for general visits 

  • The updated opening days and hours can be consulted through the hours and availability tool.
  • The main purpose of the enclosure is to be a place of Catholic worship, being also the main church of the city of Córdoba.
  • The use of the enclosure is restricted to Catholic religious worship, as well as tourist and cultural visits.
  • Please speak with a tone of voice appropriate to the holy place you are visiting. If mass is being held, please remain silent and behave respectfully.
  • It is prohibited to use a tripod or stand to film or photograph liturgical celebrations.
  • You may not enter carrying large items or packages.
  • Please do not have your head covered inside the Monumental Site. 
  • Minors under 14 years of age must be accompanied by adults. Please help us by explaining to them the importance of not touching certain objects and please do not allow them to run inside the monument as they may disturb other visitors.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the site. 
  • No pets are allowed, except for guide dogs.
  • Remember that you are visiting a holy place so please wear appropriate clothing.
  • Groups of more than 10 people with a guide must use the radio guide system. This service, which can be rented, is available from the ticket office in the Orange Tree Courtyard.
  • The following groups may receive free or half price entry, as appropriate, if they apply through the booking form:

Free entry:

  • Education centres in Andalusia.
  • Seniors Citizen Associations in Andalusia.
  • Groups of physically and/or mentally disabled visitors, whether or not from Andalusia.

Half price entry:

  • Education centres in the rest of Spain and abroad (students under 26 years).
  • Senior citizen associations outside Andalusia and within Spain.
Area with video surveillance
No smoking
No photography with a tripod or stand
No pets (except dogs guide)
No talking
No eating or drinking
Children aged 7-14 must always be accompanied
No large bags
No hats or caps
No improper clothing

3. Rules for visiting the Bell Tower 

  • Tickets: Tickets are purchased from a desk located at the entrance to the Bell Tower. Tickets costs €2 and include an explanatory leaflet.
  • Entry is free for people born and/or resident in Córdoba, subject to accreditation with an official document.

3.1. Rules prior to the visit

  • Visitors are warned that the climb to the Bell Tower has restricted access and the nature of the building means that it cannot be visited by children of a certain age, the elderly and people who are not reasonably fit or who have health problems that could be aggravated due to the special conditions of the location. As a result, for safety reasons access is not permitted for wheelchairs, prams and pushchairs, the elderly or the disabled, pregnant women or people suffering from vertigo, anaemia, dizzy spells, claustrophobia or with heart or breathing problems. Children aged under 7 may not visit the Tower and those aged between 7 and 14 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Note that you will be visiting a building accessed on foot, climbing a narrow staircase made up of a large number of relatively tall steps. The climb is to a height of around 40 metres, equivalent to a 12 storey building.
  • The organisation may refuse entry to the Tower to anyone who does not meet the established requirements and reserves the right to modify or limit the visitable parts of the tower for reasons of safety, restoration, maintenance, adverse weather conditions or specific events.
  • The visits will take place morning and afternoon, following the established tour times. Each tour will last 30 minutes and will have a maximum of 20 people.
  • The visit will take place as a group and will last for a fixed period of time, following the instructions of the member of staff accompanying the group. It must therefore be understood that, given the small number of tours each day, the duration of the visit is limited to ensure that as many visitors as possible can visit the tower each day. In this way a maximum of 260/300 visitors each day is expected.
  • During the visit it is forbidden to carry bulky objects such as suitcases, large bags or medium-large backpacks. 
  • Visitors must come to the entrance, located at the foot of the Tower, sufficiently in advance of the time established for the tour and wait in the reception area. The visit will begin promptly.

 3.2. Rules during the visit

Once the tickets have been checked by the person in charge, the visit to the Tower will begin with the following rules and times:

  • The group will start the climb, with the member of staff leading the way, and continue until it reaches the Baroque cupola (15 metres) where there will be a short break before gathering the group again.
  • The group will then climb to the first set of bells (35 metres) where there will be another break before continuing the climb to the second and last visitable set (45 metres).
  • The group will then have a few minutes to take photographs and enjoy the panoramic views.
  • At the end of that time, when so instructed by the member of staff in charge, the group will climb down to the foot of the Bell Tower where the visit will end.

Visitors should take into account the following rules:

  • Do not smoke or eat any solid food.
  • Do not throw objects.
  • Do not remove items from the tower.
  • Do not use camera or video tripods.
  • No pets.
  • Do not shout or perform any other activity that could disturb other visitors.
  • Do not walk outside the areas marked out for the tour.
  • Do not touch the bells.
  • Always follow the instructions given by the accompanying member of staff. 
No smoking
No photography with a tripod
Children aged 7-14 must always be accompanied
No eating or drinking
Do not touch the bells
Do not remove items from the tower
Do not throw objetcts
No pets
Always follow the instructions from the staff and do not deviate from the indicated route

4. Rules for “The Soul of Cordoba” night visit

  • Tickets can be booked or purchased prior to the start of the visit. The points of sale are: the ticket office located in the Orange Tree Courtyard of the Monumental Site and our online sales system..
  • General entry: €20. 
  • Reduced price: €14 over 65 years, disabled, students up to 26 years and children 7 years and older, prior official accreditation.
  • Free entry. Children under 7, without audio guide and accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.
  • If using a reduced price ticket, the corresponding accreditation must be shown on entry to the site.
  • The night visit to the Mosque-Cathedral Monumental Site of Cordoba is a new and surprising way of discovering the building through the use of advanced light, image and sound technology. Its essential purpose is to offer the visitor in-depth information about the monument, from an art-history perspective and in terms of its religious significance.
  • The night visit "The Soul of Córdoba" is available all year round following a schedule established in advance to allow for early booking. Visits involve a maximum of 100 people. This allows us to offer the public an attractive and unique visit. The visitor can enjoy privileged access to the building, which is open exclusively for this visit. 
  • This tour starts at the Orange Tree Courtyard with a film that looks at the entire history of the building and the city. Visitors then enter the building and take a tour of its main elements with the common theme of the sound and light effects which gradually appear as the visit progresses. The descriptions and explanations during the tour are received by visitors through a headphone system that simultaneously broadcasts in nine different languages ​​(Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian).
  • “The Soul of Cordoba" night visit lasts for 1 hour.
  • Photography or filming is not allowed during the visit.
  • The updated opening days and hours can be consulted through the hours and availability tool.
  • Taking photographs and filming is prohibited to maintain the reserved and attractive nature of the visit.
  • It is not allowed to carry backpacks, bags or purses longer than thirty-five centimeters.
  • Silence must be maintained and the instructions of the accompanying personnel must be followed without separating from the group.
  • Visitors must follow the marked tourist route and not throw objects of any kind.
  • It is necessary to enter with appropriate clothing and uncovering your head, since it is a sacred place exclusively intended for Catholic worship. Any non-compliance may result in immediate expulsion from the monument.
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