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Chapel of the Nativity of Our Lady

On 19 September 1565 the Chapter granted this space for a chapel and tomb to Andrés Pérez de Buenrostro, archdeacon of Pedroche.

Hernán Ruiz II was responsible for the design of the architecture. His contribution is visible not only in the beautiful pointed arch vault that covers it and in the buttresses that flank the altarpiece, but also in the design of the altarpiece. However, Martín de la Torre was responsible for its execution.

This interesting composition is structured into a base, a single central body, which is defined by two pairs of columns, and a top. Meanwhile, the base is decorated with three panel paintings showing the scenes of the Annunciation, the Birth and the Visitation of Mary to St. Elizabeth. The highlight in the main vault is the presence of a late-mannerist painting of the Tree of Jesse, a high quality work dated to the year 1578. Its iconography, of medieval origin, is characterised by the originality of the way the genealogy of Christ is presented. We can see the recumbent figure of Jesse, from whose chest burst the tree branches showing the ancestors of Jesus, represented as monarchs. The painting culminates with the image of the Virgin accompanied by the Infant Jesus. All of the paintings on this altarpiece are the work of Gabriel de Rosales.

Other prominent elements include the railing with Renaissance ornamentation and the ceramic front of the altar table, on which the Adoration of the Magi appears.

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