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Chapel of the Conversion of Saint Paul.

In parallel with the Royal Chapel, the year 1378 saw the founding of the chapel of the Conversion of Saint Paul. In the beginning this space was granted to Ms. Elfa de la Torre to bury her husband, the Master of the Order of Santiago, Pedro Muñiz de Godoy.

Its precarious state of preservation meant that on 12 July 1610 a licence had to be given for its rebuilding, which made it possible to build such attractive constructive elements as the new vault. Its similarities with the roof of the choir is explained, among other reasons, by the fact that the master builder of the Cathedral at that time was Blas de Masavel, who worked with Juan de Ochoa for a very long time.

Because of this, in the chapel of the conversion of Saint Paul we see the same use of a half barrel vault structured in lunettes and spandrels and decorated using a plasterwork series. The iconographic series of the lunettes consists of the representation of the scenes of the Lamentation of Saint Peter and Saint James the Pilgrim along with the saints Gregory the Great, Jerome, Ambrose and Augustine, as Fathers of the Western Church. On the spandrels, supported by Atlantean children, are Saint John the Baptist, Saint Eulogius, Saint John the Evangelist and Saint Thomas Aquinas. Moreover, in the central vault is the scene of the Coronation of the Virgin, flanked by two angels holding the shields of the order of Santiago, and closed at the ends by the Cordoban martyrs Saint Pelagius and Saint Flora.

Looking beyond the vault, this chapel is home to other artistic items of interest, such as the sculpture of Saint Paul which presides over the altarpiece.

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