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Parroquia del Sagrario

The site of the current Parroquia del Sagrario originally had other functions, such as being the Chapel of Santiago and the Chapter Library. This space, a result of the work of the architects Hernán Ruiz I and III, has been a Sanctuary of the Cathedral since the final quarter of the 16th century.

It is a rectangular shaped chapel, divided into three naves and covered by a ribbed vault. Its main attraction lies in the series of wall paintings which, commissioned by Bishop Antonio de Pazos y Figueroa, decorate the entire space. This group of pictures, which were begun in 1583, was produced by the painter from Piedmont, César Arbasia, who would go on to link this work to the centres of artistic creation in Italy at that time.

In terms of the iconographic value of this group, we must highlight the presence of the holy Cordoban martyrs, arranged in threes and accompanied by text which contains details of their lives and martyrdoms, according to the testimony given by Ambrosio de Morales.

Found alongside these scenes are a number of landscape, grotesque and angel compositions and symbols of the Passion. However, the scene of the Holy Supper, in the presbytery, has the greatest claim to the visitor's attention.

We must also not forget the other artists who worked in this space. Guillermo de Orta was the joiner who carved the tabernacle and the gates of the Sanctuary while Alonso de Ribera was responsible for adding polychrome to them. Moreover, the work of executing the railing corresponds to Hernando de Valencia.

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