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Expansion of Al-Hakam II

The political, economic and cultural splendour of the Cordoba of Al-Hakam II finds its perfect manifestation in his expansion of the mosque. His contribution, using the original building as a starting point, involved work that was characterised by its innovation, richness and creativity, as can be seen from the entrance arches, and that would turn this space into a leading example of universal architecture. Among the new features introduced was a decorative concept created using stylised plant motifs, marble and mosaics.

Twelve sections were added to the chapel, built out to the south, resulting in an elongated space which draws attention to the Maqsurah and Mihrab as special focal points. The space was enhanced by the construction of four skylights, the first in the entrance to this enlargement and the other three preceding the mihrab. Their function is to provide more light and display a rectangular floor plan covered by a corbel vault of intersecting arches.

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