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Expansion of Abd al-Rahman II

The expansion of Abd al-Rahman II was a response to the demographic development taking place in Cordoba at that time. It resulted in the prayer hall growing by eight new naves to the south.

From an architectural viewpoint, there was a decision to continue with the double arch system in the original structure. However, there was a new development with not using the bases of the columns. The great sculptural contribution of this phase is the work carried out by the local workshops, responsible for specifically creating pieces of architectural decoration. A highlight of their work was the construction of eleven capitals which, whilst they follow the proportions of Roman art, are inspired by the boring sculpture technique. In any case, the use of sediment materials would continue to characterise the appearance of the building.

The extension of the chapel southwards led to the destruction of the original qibla wall and the building of a new one. Various sources report that the mihrab of Abd al-Rahman II projected outwards in a rectangular shape and the two pairs of columns currently located in the mihrab of Al-Hakam II belonged to it.

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